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Have you noticed how judgmental your mind can get about yourself? Everything could be going well or even getting better but yet your brain wants to offer you judgmental thoughts. Well I am here to remind you that is completely normal. Sucks I know but it’s just how our minds are wired on this broken […]

Episode 168. What to do with judgmental thoughts?

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Emotional Health

In today’s episode, I share my own experience with loss and grief and how staying close to God is helping me process all of the negative emotions that come along. You are not alone and I want to offer a couple of bible verses for you to meditate on to help during this challenging season. […]

Episode 165. Bible verses to meditate on during loss and grief

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Emotional Health

Hey lady,  In today’s episode, I share the cycle that may be keeping you stuck or avoiding goals in general.   Full Transcript [00:00:00] Wendi: hello ladies. And welcome to episode 162. I am so [00:01:00] happy to be here behind the, my co with you. And I hope that you’re tuning in and excited […]

Episode 162: The expectation, reality, & discouragement cycle keeping you stuck

Emotional Health

Hey lady,  So in honor of Black History Month I’ll be sharing with you amazing black military women that encouraging and supporting other women through coaching. Today, I share podcast guest, Rhonda Snipe, 30 year Army Veteran and a believer! She shares with us her 3 step process on how to find our voice so […]

Episode 152: Honoring Black Military Women Coaches: Finding your voice as a woman veteran with Rhonda Snipe

Emotional Health