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We navigate the transition from military life to the civilian workforce, focusing on the often-overlooked aspect of emotional intelligence. Join us as we get into the critical skills needed for a successful transition and how emotional intelligence can be your secret weapon. Full Transcript [00:00:00] Wendi: Hello and welcome to Emotional Intelligence LinkedIn Live. […]

Episode 220. Emotional Intelligence for Military Women

Emotional Health

Ever feel like you’re running on a mental treadmill, going nowhere fast? Break free from that cycle as we uncover the art of unlearning negative thought patterns that are keeping you stuck. In today’s episode, I discuss the detrimental impact of self-doubt and the false narrative that busyness equals worth.  It’s time to embrace a […]

Episode 202. Unlearning the thoughts keeping you stuck

woman in orange dress writing on a journal pad while looking at the pad

Emotional Health

Hey there, sis! Are you tired of the guilt, shame, and disappointment that often stems from self-judgment? We promise you’re not alone. In today’s  episode of , we talk judgment – its roots, its impacts, and how we can manage it in our daily lives. We all judge, and that’s okay! It’s part of being […]

Episode 193. MVP: Judgmental thoughts about our actions

Emotional Health

Do you give yourself enough grace in the pursuit of your goals? That’s what we are exploring in today’s episode, offering a fresh perspective on meeting ourselves exactly where we are. Are you ready to find grace and make progress in your goals as the year ends? Let’s dive into how our emotions, values, and […]

Episode 186. Goals, Grace, & Growth: Meet yourself where you are in the becoming phase

Emotional Health