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life you want.

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It's time to stop

Most military women believe it's impossible to find a balance between their career and personal life.

They even feel burned out from the endless expectations and grinding all of the time.

But I'm here to offer you work-life balance is possible and it's as simple as prioritizing, setting boundaries and managing your MIND around the TIME you do have. 

Then, all you have to do is build a simple follow-through workflow strategy.

That's it.

Work-life balance isn't impossible it's a reality

I walk you through every single step inside Beyond The Military Group Coaching Program.
I'll tell you everything you need to learn + everything you need to unlearn...

So you don't get distracted.

Simple isn't trying to do all things and make yourself available to everyone at all times.

Simple isn't showing up exhausted and carrying the stress of the everyday ups and downs of your life and career.

Instead, you can learn to balance what you really want to give your time and attention to. You can show up with MORE TIME & PRESENCE for God, family, and career.

what you need is less hustle & more intentional thought work...

Imagine showing up less exhausted and overwhelmed of the everyday ups and downs of your career and life? 



confident in your next move



Burned out, unmotivated to stuck


Go from

I remember being on active duty exhausted ALL the time. I was stuck on this cycle of grind-hustle mentality so I know how HARD it can be to figure out ALL the moving pieces of being a leader, grow an intimate relationship with God, my husband, kids, and actually perform at the highest level– while still being a present, thoughtful wife and mama.

Doing more does NOT equate to being more… Why? Because you are already worth it and ENOUGH. 

After years of doing it the world's way (BTW, doing it ALL wrong) – I finally let go and let God. He is so good… 

Won’t HE DO IT?! 

An intentional thought process is a foundation to creating a balanced lifestyle. 

Imagine if you were free from the hustle cycle of overworking and under-resting, you had a plan to stop indulging in overwhelm, and you were able to go from burned out to a balanced lifestyle. 

This isn’t a dream, it’s possible for you too... 

daughter of the king,wife, mama of 3, veteran, and life coach

Meet your coach!

— sasha p.

"Wendi has given me an outlet to speak frankly and freely while receiving unbiased feedback to help me in my growth. Through our sessions I decompress and walk from our sessions with a clear mind and focus."

ready to lead at the highest level in both my life and career, while still being present as a woman of God wife, and mama.

ready to stop indulging in overwhelm, prioritize what truly matters, build intentional boundaries, while partnering with God. 

a military woman or female veteran ready to free myself from the hustle cycle of overworking and under-resting and redeem my time.

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You don't have to be overwhelmed,not anymore. there's a better way...


• Weekly coaching calls over Zoom so you can get coached on what's happening in your life and career. 


What's included when you register:

 You will learn the simple process for prioritizing, setting boundaries, and managing your mind around everything you have going on in your life and career. 

Online Course:

• When you join Beyond The Military Coaching Program, you join a sisterhood of faith-led military women ready to encourage and keep each other accountable. 

• You'll receive access productivity templates, and a personalized system to help you stay accountable.

Yes. All of our weekly coaching calls and available within 24hrs of our call.

Is there a payment plan?

Yes! You'll receive payment link with an option for Affirm, Klarna, and more available.

Are the weekly calls recorded?

ONE hour a week attending in the live coaching.

How much time does it take?

Of course! We have clients from all over the world and love them. 

Do you take international clients?

The coaching program is lifetime access to the course, which means it isn't time limited. 

How long does this group coaching program last?

No, veterans and retired military women are welcome.

Do I have to be active duty?

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