Sound familiar? As a former Army Dual Military Officer, I was consumed and burned out by my career. Not to mention constantly feeling overwhelmed with the demand and responsibilities as a wife and mom. Leaving no time or energy to even think about my personal desires. Something needed to change and it did (all glory to God).

I was the woman who thought I never had enough time to focus on my true desires...

Constantly procrastinating on my personal goals to ACTUALLY pursing them!

I believed I was prioritizing what truly mattered in my life and career when my actions and results were showing me differently. 

I believed everything I was doing was to benefit my family but in reality I was just trying to run away from my self-doubt.

I was "busy" people pleasing and trying to prove my self worth to others. 

Not knowing who I was outside of my military uniform and feeling overwhelmed with the demand and responsibilities of everyone else. 

Therefore, not having the mental or physical energy to focus on my personal desires.  

Listen, I've been where you are now so I get how focusing on your true desires can seem impossible to do. 

But we need you and we need your full self in order to share your God given dreams.

I went from 

I'm Wendi- a follower of Jesus Christ, wife, mama of 3, veteran, podcast host and certified life coach. And, I help military women build a balanced lifestyle.

My mission is to help you stop procrastinating and start living the life you want. Period.
I will teach you how to lead with a clear mind and follow through on your goals all while still having enough time to focus on your faith, family, and future life without burnout.
If you want to some support, join Faith-led Military Women Facebook Community. An online group for women who want to be intentional in their life. 

I'm on a mission

My Why

As military women, we are warriors who have faced challenges that most people cannot even imagine. But one of the toughest battles we face are our mental and emotional health. It's a struggle that I personally know all too well. That's why I am now on a mission to help women focus on their mental and emotional health so they can live beyond their military career.

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Serving my community through different volunteer work

Hosting a top-rated mental health podcast for military women

Teaching busy military women how to go after their true desires

Spending time with my amazing husband, three kids and two pups

I'm reallyyyy passionate about...


I get to coach military women and teach them how to show up intentionally with more TIME & PRESENCE for God, family, life & career. 


Launched Beyond The Military Podcast


PCS'd to Fort Drum with 10th Mountain Division where I started my transition into my civilian career 


Miscarriage at 20 weeks and the hardest time as a believer, wife, mom, and leader


Started my active duty military career as Adjutant General Officer at Fort Liberty (previously Bragg) with 82nd Airborne Division


Got married to the most amazing man and expecting our first baby girl


Commissioned from Georgia Military College Early Commissioning Program 


Joined the military and went to basic training at age 17

My Timeline

life and career journey

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asheville, nc

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