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Have you considered the profound impact of the simple act of decision-making? Whether it’s about waking up 10 minutes earlier or making a significant life change, every decision propels us forward.  Join me in today’s episode, where we navigate the importance of decision-making, particularly within the military community. This conversation is not just for those […]

Episode 185. MVP: 4 Reasons for Decision Making! Don’t be intimidated by the big decisions you have to make instead thrive on them.


Life is a roller coaster of trials and tribulations. In September, we remember my sister who tragically lost her battle with cancer last year. During these challenging times, I want to share three essential nuggets on how to get back on track when life takes an unexpected turn.   Join me as we explore the […]

Episode 182. 3 things you can do to help you get back on track when life happens


Do you ever feel like you’re stuck and not making progress? Like you’re constantly working hard but not achieving your goals? Let’s put an end to those feelings! In today’s episode, I reveal the three common mistakes people make when setting goals and how to avoid them. We emphasize the importance of being accountable, taking […]

Episode 174. Overcome 3 common mistakes that could be preventing you from reaching your goals


Did you meet the goals you had for the first quarter of the year? If not, no worries in today’s episode, I share how you can continue to make progress toward your goals by evaluating the quarter to then planning out the next couple of weeks.  Full Transcript 00:00:00] Wendi Wray: Hey sis, welcome to […]

Episode 160: How to evaluate the first quarter of the year and it how to take the feedback to plan for the next one