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Are you aware of your distractions? A distraction can be anything that prevents us from giving our full attention to what we truly desire to focus on. It can be as simple as a digital device, an individual, or even a lack of direction. Distractions can hinder our progress, divert our attention from our priorities, […]

Episode 207. Mastering Your Distractions and Building a Positive Relationship with Focus

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Today’s episode, dives into the concept of time blocks and calendar techniques, which serve as tools to prioritize tasks that truly matter. By assigning specific time blocks to tasks, such as recording this podcast episode during my toddler’s nap time or planning activities around work schedules, you can create a structured day that maximizes productivity […]

Episode 201. 3 tips on how to maximize your time

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Ever feel like the pursuit of perfectionism and overthinking are your biggest enemies? Trust me, you’re not alone. The ‘all or nothing’ mindset can be a real progress killer, leading to self-doubt and discouragement. I’ll share my personal experiences and strategies to escape this vicious cycle of procrastination and stagnation.  Today, we’re focusing on the […]

Episode 190. MVP: Two ways women make achieving goals harder and battle with procrastination


Ever find yourself caught in the relentless cycle of accomplishing tasks, yet feeling as if it’s never enough? It’s an all-too-common struggle, especially as we juggle multiple roles. Let’s discover how to navigate distractions, manage fatigue, and break free from the loop of endless doing without achieving the intended results. What’s more terrifying than the […]

Episode 183. MVP: The reason you are “unproductive”