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Prepare yourself for an awe-inspiring journey with Annette Wittenberger, a woman of great strength and resilience. Annette, a retired military veteran of over 17 years, soon-to-be grandmother, and empowering podcast host, opens up about her mental health struggles just on the brink of her retirement. Annette’s transition from military life to civilian was a daunting […]

Episode 180: Never too late to chase your dreams with Annette Whittenberger

Emotional Health

Do you have a routine you abide by? If so, great! Most of us have some sort of routine that we follow each and every day to keep us organized and focused on our day-to-day tasks. Then life happens or you go through a significant life event. In my case, having another baby completely changed […]

Episode 169. Getting back into a new routine with a baby…


Hey lady, In today’s episode, we discuss the importance of balancing our energy and how to do it so we can show up intentionally for our loved ones.  I hope this episode encourages you to be more intentional with the energy you have available.  Much love, Wendi Full Transcript Wendi: hello ladies. And welcome to […]

Episode 151: How to balance your energy as a mom, wife and leader.

Family Life