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Has your confidence taken a major hit due to past experiences, perfectionism mentality, or self-centeredness? Let’s navigate this journey together! Our latest conversation unpacks these confidence obstacles and explores practical strategies to overcome them. We put a special emphasis on building resilience and fostering self-belief. You’ll grasp the importance of letting go of past failures […]

Episode 196. Struggle with confidence in your life and career? Learn 3 reasons you struggle with confidence


What if you could transform your workplace into an environment infused with robust culture and satisfaction? Join us as we sit down with the phenomenal Aleha Ingle, a savvy business owner with a wealth of knowledge derived from her 21-year tenure in the Air Force. Aleha’s insights into nurturing a constructive work culture are incredibly […]

Episode 188. How work culture impacts your emotional wellbeing with Aleha Ingle


Ever wonder why Generation Z seems to be shying away from military service? Today, we have the pleasure of discussing the topic with  Second Lieutenant Matthew Weiss, a Gen Z military officer himself and author of “We Don’t Want You, Uncle Sam,” to explore this pressing issue. Together, we unpack the unique characteristics of Gen […]

Episode 179: We Don’t Want You, Uncle Sam with 2nd Lieutenant Matthew Weiss


We are celebrating women history month and today we are highlighting a woman veteran, Sadie Tolberg. She shares with us her weight loss journey and encourages us to do hard things. I hope you enjoy this episode! Have a beautiful rest of your week! Much love,  Wendi More about Guest: Sadie Tolberg Website  |  TikTok |  Instagram  |  Facebook | […]

Episode 155: Women’s History Month: Getting Healthy with Sadie Tollberg