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Have you considered being a part of a marketplace that focuses on veterans that service to the world of entrepreneurship? Our guest, Jordan, host of the Warriors in Business Podcast is committed to the military community.  His insights on this transition are invaluable. He believes in the power of saying yes more often than no, […]

Episode 181: Warriors in Business Marketplace with Jordan Fuller


Are you feeling weighed down by life’s mental and emotional tolls? If so, you’re not alone. In today’s new episode,  we unpack the complex layers of the mental load military women bear and provide you with helpful strategies to lighten this burden. Harnessing the power of self-awareness I share five life-changing steps to help you […]

Episode 172. MVP: 5 Steps to Minimize The Mental And Emotional Load

Emotional Health

Hey lady,  What are you putting your attention to? Is it helping you make progress towards your goal? In today’s episode, we discuss the importance of being aware what you put your attention to and getting the most on return on attention   I hope this episode encourages to be more intentional on what you […]

Episode 156: Return on Attention


Hey lady, I know that you have many obligations as a leader, wife, and possibly even as a mama but I’m here to tell you that burnout is NOT caused by the hours or how hard you work.  Burnout is caused by your attitude behind what you are doing or not doing.  Remember, being busy […]

Episode 140: 3 Reasons Military Women Struggle with “Burnout”