I help you go from stuck in your life to empowering you to pursue a new chapter in your life

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I'm Wendi, a woman of God, wife, mama of 3, Army Veteran, and dedicated to helping women veterans go from burned out to building the life they want without sacrificing their health. I encourage women to lead with a clear mind while still having enough time to focus on their faith, family, and life. 

I believe military women can lead at their highest level– while still being a present, thoughtful wife and mama.

Sometimes we just need a little help getting there and I can help you. 

Hello lady!

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let me show you how...

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— Telisa W.
Army Lieutenant Colonel

Our coaching sessions were very helpful! Wendi really helped me change the way I think."

— Sasha P.
Army Captain

Wendi has given me an outlet to speak frankly and freely while receiving unbiased
feedback to help me in my growth."

— Elizabeth E.
Army First Lieutenant

Working with Wendi has been an amazing experience! I've been able to develop more productive patterns of thinking and consequently behavior that have allowed me to feel like I am back in control of my life.