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Do you give yourself enough grace in the pursuit of your goals? That’s what we are exploring in today’s episode, offering a fresh perspective on meeting ourselves exactly where we are. Are you ready to find grace and make progress in your goals as the year ends? Let’s dive into how our emotions, values, and […]

Episode 186. Goals, Grace, & Growth: Meet yourself where you are in the becoming phase

Emotional Health

Ever find yourself caught in the relentless cycle of accomplishing tasks, yet feeling as if it’s never enough? It’s an all-too-common struggle, especially as we juggle multiple roles. Let’s discover how to navigate distractions, manage fatigue, and break free from the loop of endless doing without achieving the intended results. What’s more terrifying than the […]

Episode 183. MVP: The reason you are “unproductive”


Life is a series of choices, and the power within these choices is what I’ll be discussing on today’s episode. From my personal experiences in the military, I’ve discovered that no matter the ordeals we face, we can always choose our responses, attitudes, and the paths we want to take. We often get so caught […]

Episode 177. The Power to Choose: Personal, Professional, and Probiotic Kombucha


Do you ever feel like you’re stuck and not making progress? Like you’re constantly working hard but not achieving your goals? Let’s put an end to those feelings! In today’s episode, I reveal the three common mistakes people make when setting goals and how to avoid them. We emphasize the importance of being accountable, taking […]

Episode 174. Overcome 3 common mistakes that could be preventing you from reaching your goals