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In today’s episode, I share  a  concept ideal for navigating military, career, or personal life transitions.  Drawing from personal experiences, including an ongoing career transition and preparing for motherhood again, the significance of embracing changes with an open heart and a positive mindset. I introduce Dan Sullivan’s ‘The Four C’s’ concept as a framework to […]

Episode 214 MVP: The concept that will help you go through military, life, and career transition

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Are you aware of your distractions? A distraction can be anything that prevents us from giving our full attention to what we truly desire to focus on. It can be as simple as a digital device, an individual, or even a lack of direction. Distractions can hinder our progress, divert our attention from our priorities, […]

Episode 207. Mastering Your Distractions and Building a Positive Relationship with Focus

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As we close out the year, I’d like to share one of the top episodes in hopes to help you stay commited to you r goal as we start thee new year.   In this episode, I share with you to tune the question I asked myself to help me stay committed to my goal in […]

Episode 199. MVP: How to stay committed on the goal you set for yourself no matter what…

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