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In this episode, you’ll learn how to identify your ideal career role. We address the common challenges faced during your transition and provide actionable steps to overcome them.   Key Points Discussed: 1. Acknowledging the Stress of Transition 2. Identifying Why You’re Stuck 3. Overcoming Transition Challenges 4. Creating Your Career Map 5. Navigating Mind […]

Episode 224: Career Clarity for Military Women: Identifying Your Ideal Career Role


Today, I we address a topic that resonates with many of us: self-doubt. Whether you’re transitioning into a new career, embarking on a personal project, or simply trying to improve an aspect of your life, self-doubt is a common companion. But here’s the good news: feeling self-doubt means you’re on the right track. It means […]

Episode 221. The Power of Embracing Self-Doubt Beyond the Military Uniform


Why Networking Matters Networking is more than just exchanging business cards or making small talk. It’s about building genuine connections with others, sharing experiences, and learning from each other. As a military woman transitioning into a new career, networking can open doors to opportunities you may not have considered before. Whether you’re exploring entrepreneurship, real […]

Episode 218. Networking Tips for Military Women Transitioning to Civilian Life


As a woman transitioning out of the military and considering your next career move, it’s common to feel a mix of excitement and uncertainty about the future. In today’s episode, we focus is on empowering military women during their transition into civilian life.  Transitioning from the military to the civilian sector is a significant step filled […]

Episode 215. Empowering Your Military Transition: Confidence Building for Military Women