Episode 226: Top LinkedIn Insights and Career Advice for Military Women

July 3, 2024

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Today, I share insights inspired by my last 90 days LinkedIn most popular videos on emotional intelligence, networking, and understanding location types for career transitions.
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Emotional Intelligence:

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[00:00:00] Wendi: Hello, and welcome to episode 226. For those of you that tune in with me every week. I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. And for those of you that stumbled upon this podcast. And this is your first time at tuning in. [00:00:13] Wendi: I want to welcome you and it’s going to be a little different today because one I’m not on video and two today, what I’m doing is just truly inspired of what I’ve been doing this past week, as we’re closing out June and entering the new month, I encourage you to evaluate on what you’re doing to look at what’s going well, what isn’t and work on how you can improve things. [00:00:38] Wendi: And so for me, I focused a lot on the videos that I’ve been publishing on LinkedIn. And so I figured I wanted to share with you three of the most listened the most with most impressions on LinkedIn, because it means that people are watching, it are paying attention to it, meaning that they are finding some interest with these [00:01:00] topics. [00:01:00] Wendi: And so I figured that this was also going to help you, especially if you haven’t, stumbled upon them on LinkedIn, which reminds me if you are not on LinkedIn, I want to encourage you. To go set up an account today and start connecting, start networking over there on that platform because that platform is powerful. And if you are not following me either, I want to invite you to come follow me. [00:01:22] Wendi: It’s Wendi Wray, W E N D I Last name W R A Y. And come connect with me, reach out and say, Hey, I listened to your podcast, would love to connect with you and I’m happy to not only start a conversation, learn more about your transition or more off where you are in your career. But also possibly connect you with others that are going to help you along this journey. So come over and connect with me. And also before I go into the videos, I also want to invite you if you haven’t already registered to my LinkedIn live event, that I’ll be hosting this month, July 18th at 12:00 PM Eastern standard time, [00:02:00] where I’ll be going over the tenant common career mistakes military women are making and how you can avoid them. To help you and your career currently in your transition. And also to start planning for your post-military career. And so I want to share with you all. Just a little bit of what the topics are. And so the first one is emotional intelligence, which by the way, I also did a LinkedIn live. All of the links will be in the show notes so that you’re able to go and check it out from, from here. And then the next one that was also very popular was a networking one. [00:02:35] Wendi: Which I think was fascinating. Of course, as we are on LinkedIn. LinkedIn platform and then the last one. It was all about how to figure out your location type. And so if, when it comes to identifying your career role, like what exactly location type are you looking for? So, I hope that you enjoy these. [00:02:53] Wendi: And I hope that you come over to LinkedIn and also check them out as they are videos. So you can see me there. If you haven’t met me already. [00:03:00] And again, I want to encourage you to take your first step and to continue to focus on making progress. All right. [00:03:06] Wendi: I hope you enjoy these videos and I hope you enjoy. the rest of your week. Talk to you soon. [00:03:11] ​ [00:03:11] Wendi: emotional intelligence. This is actually one of the most common misconceptions when hiring veterans. Why? Because we’re trained not to get distracted by our own emotions or by someone else’s emotions. But here is the truth. We have developed that skill to continue to drive on, even when there’s so much going on with our families, with our soldiers families. [00:03:37] Wendi: When they’re going through the hardest seasons of their life. Why? Because we are always in their business. That’s what we do as leaders. We take care of them. And so I want to encourage you to show on your resume in hopes to also help you through your interview, share the stories on the ability that you have to understand your own emotions, how you manage [00:04:00] your emotions, and the ability to understand your team’s emotions. [00:04:03] Wendi: And you want to do that, On your resume with describing how you communicated effectively with others, negotiated, how you provided great customer service, especially if you were in HR or any type of job that provided customer service. And also when it comes to the interview, you want to be able to share those stories. [00:04:23] Wendi: Don’t be scared. To share the stories that actually led you to show compassion for your team. All right, I hope this was helpful and I encourage you to go out there and start sharing more of the emotional stories. [00:04:38] Wendi: ​networking is a process, and if you are transitioning out of the military, you are 6 to 12 months out and you’ve been dreading it or avoiding networking, this video is for you. Networking is just interacting with other humans, and I know this may not seem as easy or [00:05:00] as comfortable for some of you, especially my ladies that are getting out. [00:05:03] Wendi: It’s so difficult sometimes to even consider networking. Reaching out or even interacting with other humans to talk about something you have no idea about, right? I am going to offer you three simple ways that you can start today. And they are either through reaching out to a fellow veteran, someone that’s already doing something similar, um, or maybe that’s doing something completely different than what you want to do. [00:05:30] Wendi: And you want to learn from them. You want to learn what that looks like for them. You want to also use in person events, use them as a way for you to get out of your comfort zone. And if you’re not there yet, that’s okay. And the last one is use LinkedIn as your platform, interact with others through a message. [00:05:51] Wendi: Through their post, um, reach out to possible connections, um, other third degree connections [00:06:00] in, in order for you to connect, build that genuine connection, but also learn from their experience. And here’s one question that I always recommend for someone that’s starting out, um, with networking. And that is, how did you get into this role? [00:06:16] Wendi: That question alone is going to help you not only, um, understand how they got into that role, right? Maybe what avenue of networking, how they got into that role. Did they apply? Did someone connect them with a recruiter? Was it through a hiring event, a career fair? But you’ll be able to gather more questions that are possibly maybe questions that you never considered. [00:06:42] Wendi: And so I want you to start there. And trust me, the more you do this, the better it gets. And the more that you can do this as you get closer to your transition, The better it’s going to be for you because now you’re one step closer of what role, what industry you want to go into, and maybe even, um, having [00:07:00] the opportunity to practice what you’re going to be doing. [00:07:03] Wendi: So now you’re practicing and getting into the habit of I am going, or I am pursuing an opportunity in talent management, whatever it may be for you in this industry. All right. I hope that this was helpful. Enjoy the rest of your day. [00:07:16] Wendi: Location type. This is where some of my ladies, military women, that are transitioning out of the military get stuck when it comes to figuring out their post military career. And the reason being is because they are either a military spouse, so they are still following their husband to their next duty station, or they just haven’t gotten that far yet. [00:07:42] Wendi: They haven’t had the conversation with their spouse, their partner, their family, their loved one on where the next opportunity will be or where they want to settle down and that’s completely okay because you now have three location types you could be on site or you could be hybrid [00:08:00] meaning you go in two days out of the week one day out of the week or you could be fully remote and so if you are absolutely not sure where you’re relocating to start with remote and The way you do that here on LinkedIn is you go to the jobs, you go to preferences, and you go to open for work, and you can see the actual options that you’ll have, and one of them being location type, and see what comes up for you and what’s available. [00:08:31] Wendi: All right, I hope this was helpful. Let me know in the comments.