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This isn’t just about getting things done—it’s about a life-altering strategy that’s helping military women, veterans, and those transitioning into civilian life reclaim their time back with unshakeable focus. In today’s episode we get into the art of dedicating specific time slots to tasks, crafting a routine that’s as efficient as it is rewarding. I’ll […]

Episode 205. What is the best productivity hack for busy military women AND the tool that keeps it simple!

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Ever feel like you’re running on a mental treadmill, going nowhere fast? Break free from that cycle as we uncover the art of unlearning negative thought patterns that are keeping you stuck. In today’s episode, I discuss the detrimental impact of self-doubt and the false narrative that busyness equals worth.  It’s time to embrace a […]

Episode 202. Unlearning the thoughts keeping you stuck

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Emotional Health

As we close out the year, I’d like to share one of the top episodes in hopes to help you stay commited to you r goal as we start thee new year.   In this episode, I share with you to tune the question I asked myself to help me stay committed to my goal in […]

Episode 199. MVP: How to stay committed on the goal you set for yourself no matter what…

Emotional Health

Has your confidence taken a major hit due to past experiences, perfectionism mentality, or self-centeredness? Let’s navigate this journey together! Our latest conversation unpacks these confidence obstacles and explores practical strategies to overcome them. We put a special emphasis on building resilience and fostering self-belief. You’ll grasp the importance of letting go of past failures […]

Episode 196. Struggle with confidence in your life and career? Learn 3 reasons you struggle with confidence