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Have you considered being a part of a marketplace that focuses on veterans that service to the world of entrepreneurship? Our guest, Jordan, host of the Warriors in Business Podcast is committed to the military community.  His insights on this transition are invaluable. He believes in the power of saying yes more often than no, […]

Episode 181: Warriors in Business Marketplace with Jordan Fuller


 Did you know that women have been serving in the military for 75 years?  In this powerful conversation with two incredible women, Barb Carson, and Rosalinda (Rosy) Vasquez, we’re celebrating the progress made and the doors that are now open for military women, veterans, and spouses. Join us as we discuss the impact these trailblazing […]

Episode 171. Empowering Military Women: Exploring Entrepreneurship & Post-Service Career Training with Barb Carson and Rosy Vasquez Maury