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Ever felt the dense weight of your to-do list, and the gnawing guilt of not giving enough time to your family? Don’t worry, you are not alone! We’re here to guide you through this thorny path of managing life’s priorities and trust us, it’s easier than it looks. Embark with us on this insightful journey […]

Episode 197. Mom guilt? 3 tips to help you to take a break and focus on family

Family Life

Are you navigating life’s rough patches and searching for what’s  good in your life? Tune in as I get real about our own struggles and share how gratitude has helped me gain momentum.   We’re not alone on this journey, and neither are you.  As we approach the holiday season, we want to remind everyone […]

Episode 194. Struggling with gratitude while navigating life’s rough patches

Family Life

You ever meet someone, and their story just inspires you to push past your doubts and go for it? That’s the energy that Summer and Eren bring to our conversation today. Summer, a Captain in the US Army Reserve, singer, writer, model and a financial planner, teams up with Eren, co-founder of The Middle LA, […]

Episode 191. The Journey of Service Women’s Advancement Network Gala with Summer Marie and Eren Holden


What if you could transform your workplace into an environment infused with robust culture and satisfaction? Join us as we sit down with the phenomenal Aleha Ingle, a savvy business owner with a wealth of knowledge derived from her 21-year tenure in the Air Force. Aleha’s insights into nurturing a constructive work culture are incredibly […]

Episode 188. How work culture impacts your emotional wellbeing with Aleha Ingle