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Have you ever found yourself trapped in the struggle of procrastination, despite all your good intentions to stay committed to your goals? You, my friend, are not alone. My own journey back to the gym, after months on the back-burner, was a stark reminder of how easy it is to fall into the procrastination trap. […]

Episode 176. MVP: 5 ways you procrastinate when feeling overwhelmed with your career and life


Have you ever wondered why, despite your accomplishments, you still feel uneasy? Perhaps it’s the habit of spending time in self-praise instead of acknowledging God’s role in your achievements. Join me in today’s episode where I share my personal struggles with self-praise and self-judgment, all while emphasizing our need to lean on God, whose unwavering […]

Episode 173. From Self-Praise to Praising God


Have you taken time to explore your career outside of the military or how to transition into a new career field? You may be thinking I don’t have the time or resources to do so now. Well in today’s episode, I share with you why you want to start thinking beyond your military life. Stay tuned, […]

Episode 170. Thinking beyond your military life and career


In today’s episode, I offer you a question you can ask yourself to help you face mental health one day at a time. We are all on a different journey with our mental health and it’s okay to be right where you are. Today my hope is for you to begin asking yourself this one […]

Episode 167. Facing mental health one day at a time by asking yourself this question…

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