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Episode 164. 3 ways military women can invest in their mental health

May 3, 2023

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In today’s episode, I discuss how we can begin thinking about taking care of our mental health and 3 ways you can begin to invest in your mental health. 

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  • Full Transcript
      • [00:00:00] Wendi: hello ladies. And welcome to episode [00:01:00] 164. Happy Wednesday. Happy may. It’s already made. I can not believe it. And by that, I mean, it’s just going by so quickly. Um, my daughter has recently turned six months and I’m just like, where is the time going? And, you know, the kids are almost at a school and there’s just so much that happens in may to include it’s military appreciation month. Which one of my favorite reasons on why may is again my favorite month, even though it’s not on my birthday or my birthday is not in may, I should say.
      • [00:01:31] Wendi: Yeah. I’m you know, I’m trying to get my words together here. Um, but also there’s so many celebrations. Um, in may of course mother’s day. Um, my mom’s birthday is in may, my other sister’s birthdays. And. May and so, um, so many things, and also most importantly, the biggest celebration that we celebrate.
      • [00:01:55] Wendi: Or one of the biggest celebrations that we celebrate around here. Is my daughter’s [00:02:00] birthday. Her birthday’s coming up as well. So, so many things to celebrate this month, not to mention friends, birthdays and just, um, you know, just really enjoying to like this new season, like the spring season. And it’s not gonna rain as much, hopefully. Um, because this past month.
      • [00:02:17] Wendi: Um, was just rain, rain every day. Around here, which, you know, kind of. Sometimes keeps us inside and our goal. You know, is to keep going outside as a family. Um, not only to kick us out of the house because we work remotely around here, but also just to, you know, experience time with our kids, other, through, you know, playing basketball with them or just, um, being with them outside at the park or just being outside, you know, doing different events. So.
      • [00:02:48] Wendi: I’m just really, really excited. And again, I cannot believe that we’re in this month already and I’m just super excited for what’s to come. I’m grateful and feeling blessed and I’m just full of [00:03:00] so much love right now. Not only, you know, from my husband, but also for my family, for my kids. And. I’m just feeling really good. Y’all and I really hope that you do too. And if not, that’s okay too.
      • [00:03:11] Wendi: I like to share that it’s okay to, you know, feel sad, to feel. Disappointed or maybe even. Just being tired. Like I get it. You know, it’s, it’s been very, at least at the beginning of the year, it’s been very tiring for me, mentally and emotionally. Um, but you know, and to be completely transparent, you know, being that this month has also mental health awareness.
      • [00:03:32] Wendi: You know, that’s what I want to continue to emphasize and to encourage you to take care of because your mental health matters, your health overall matters. And today that’s what we’re talking about. We’re talking about. Our mental health. And we’re talking more specifically our military women mental health, because we don’t talk about this as much. And we want to be able to talk about this kind of like what.
      • [00:03:54] Wendi: When it comes to our overall health, right? Like our wellbeing, our physical health, [00:04:00] and, you know, it’s a lot easier to say, yeah, I need to go to the gym or I’m going to the gym and, you know, um, Doing X, Y diet or I am. You know, on this new lifestyle. But when it comes to our mental health, who were like, Ooh, we don’t want to talk about that. It really kinda like reminds me of her finances were like, Ooh, let’s not talk about how much money we may eat or, you know, how much debt I have or how much money I’m investing. It’s just, you know, rude or whatever you may be thinking.
      • [00:04:23] Wendi: But I think the opposite of that, I think that. We need to talk more about how much money we’re making. We need to talk more about. Our debt, how much money we’re invested in how much money we have towards your retirement? How much money we have saved. So on and so forth, because the more we can talk about it and, you know, have these conversations, the less worried we’re going to be about, it’s the same thing about our mental health, right? Like how beautiful would it be to just, you know, talk to your friend and be like, Hey, how are how’s your mental health doing today?
      • [00:04:48] Wendi: Or how are you doing mentally today and emotionally, because if they both go together and so. Today, and that’s what we’re talking about. So I hope that you either have set some time apart. Um, [00:05:00] not a part aside to not only focus on this episode, but also to take some notes, because today we are diving in into how to start taking care of your mental health, because it’s so important. It affects everything else around you. So why not do that now? Why not take your mental health seriously?
      • [00:05:18] Wendi: And really start implementing small tips, small action steps. That you know, that will equip you to a better. Emotional wellbeing because ultimately that’s what it does. And when you’re feeling better, you’re doing things. Um, more consistently. And when you’re doing things more consistently, now you’re creating results and now you’re changing now. You’re evolving now. You’re growing.
      • [00:05:41] Wendi: And so again, this is why I’m a firm believer that not only during this month of may, that we need to take care of our mental health, but really. Throughout the entire time, because it’s a muscle in a skill that we needed to build. And if we’re not building it now, it’s only going to get harder and [00:06:00] harder.
      • [00:06:00] Wendi: To do in the future because, Hey, we’re only getting older. Right. And not to say that, um, you know, that it’s not possible. It is, but it’s a lot better that you do that now, because when I tell you how you do one thing is how you’re going to do another thing. And this is exactly what I’m talking about when it comes to.
      • [00:06:17] Wendi: I’m investing time to take care of your mental health. The more time you invest it, invest in it. Now the better return you’re going to have in the future and by the feature, I mean, in the next 30 minutes and the next day, the next week, because when you start paying attention to how your mind is working, how your mind is directing you and leading you to even things that you don’t want to do.
      • [00:06:39] Wendi: Um, consciously, but you’re doing it unconsciously. Then you’ll recognize and be more aware of what’s really, um, how you’re really responding or reacting to certain things, certain situations. Because here’s the thing. And this is just me, you know, speaking from truth, speaking from, um, a place of experience is [00:07:00] that there will always be something that comes up life will happen, and I’m sure you can relate to this. And.
      • [00:07:05] Wendi: Maybe you are going through some things yourself. Maybe you’re like, Hey, I never expected this to happen, but now I’m here. And also have an episode which I’ll be linking. Um, related episodes here in the show notes on how we have forest challenges and one that challenges want wanted challenges. Meaning that there are, um,
      • [00:07:25] Wendi: Challenges that are going to be forced on you that are meaning like they’re unexpected. And it also challenges that you want to do willingly, like optional. And so. I go into the gym. Um, investing more money, investing time, like, right. Like learning how to do that. That’s optional. But are we ready for the challenges that we do not foresee or are unexpected? Right.
      • [00:07:49] Wendi: Possibly get into a wreck. Um, you have a medical diagnosis, you know, you’re, you’re going through a separation. You are not doing really well with this relationship, whatever it may be. [00:08:00] There will be moments. In your life and you’re like, how did we get here? Or how did I get here? What do I do now? How do I actually.
      • [00:08:08] Wendi: M H how am I able to express and allow my negative emotions? Because we just don’t know how to do that. We’re adults. And we have no idea how to do that. And this is why this month, and really this podcast it’s within itself, I’m here to help you and encourage you and just continue to provide this.
      • [00:08:28] Wendi: Platform of tools and resources that you can start doing on your own. And so today, We are going to set some time. To invest. In our mental health. We’re going to do this today. Not tomorrow, not the next week. Whenever you listen to this podcast, I want you to do this today. So how do we do it? You know, we have so many things going on. We have a to-do list. We have things that we’re backed up on. We have so many things going on, right.
      • [00:08:54] Wendi: But here, this is what I want you to do today. Take five minutes, five minutes. I don’t care. Where [00:09:00] w what time? Five in the morning. 5:00 PM. 11:00 PM. Any time when, when you’re in the bathroom, if sometimes go into the bathroom, ladies, I know. Could it be sometimes our only time alone? But if even if you have to do that or go to your car,
      • [00:09:15] Wendi: Go to the grocery store, go to the gas station. Doesn’t matter where. In your closet, whatever you need to do to get these five minutes. And this is what you’re going to do today. You are going to remember how to really, um, go to the basics on how you can begin to take care of your mental health. And here’s the analogy that I want to give you.
      • [00:09:38] Wendi: Think about it as you work in out physically, we’ve all done that. You’ve all done. PT. You’ve all done. A PD test. You’ve all gone through a rigorous. Obstacle challenge before, or maybe that you signed up yourself or even. And I want you to go back to that time and think about how painful. It was because it was the first time for me.
      • [00:09:58] Wendi: It takes me all the way back [00:10:00] when I first started running, when I went to basic training. My two miles was over 22 minutes. It was, it was really, really bad. I was not a runner. I was not in sports. Unfortunately I was not physically fit. So it was painful. And I tell you that running a quarter mile was painful. It was painful.
      • [00:10:17] Wendi: So I want you to go back to that moment, or when you started going back to the gym after you had a baby, and again, I’m kind of like in that boat now where I’m like slowly but surely working out. And I’m not back in the gym fully yet. But what I do want to offer you is it that you go back to that moment.
      • [00:10:31] Wendi: And recognize that it was hard. It was challenging. It was tough. And that is exactly how you’re going to start when it comes to your mental health. It’s going to be hard. There are going to be tears. There are going to be moments where you’re like, I don’t want to do this. I don’t want to go back to that time. Or I only want to focus on the future because I feel so stuck or so behind. And so.
      • [00:10:51] Wendi: I want you to think about it when you are going to focus on your mental health. I want you to think about it, that it’s, you know, it’s going to be painful. [00:11:00] It’s going to hurt. It’s going to suck. And you’re not gonna wanna do it again. Because here’s what’s happening right now. Everybody’s like, oh yeah, focus on your mental health. All you need to do is meditating. You need to do this. Everything just sounds so beautiful. And so, so nice. But no, that’s not what I’m offering here.
      • [00:11:15] Wendi: Because the truth is we need to do the hard work. And when we’re doing the hard work, we have to go deep in deep meaning we really have to uncover what’s one worrying us. Cause that’s really what’s happening with our mental health. We’re worried. All that worriness. Us being worried, causes anxiety, overwhelm.
      • [00:11:35] Wendi: And this is what we’re worried about. Here’s the crazy part. And I hope you’re writing this down. If not highly recommend that you do that now. This is why our mental health gets even worse and worse throughout the days, weeks, months, and years. Because we’re constantly repeating the same thing over and over.
      • [00:11:53] Wendi: We’re compounding on the things that either we’re. So, you know, either living in the past or we’re living [00:12:00] too far in the future. Now, how do I know this? Because this is literally what was happening to me before I was constantly tired, constantly overwhelmed. Constantly feeling like I was drowning because.
      • [00:12:13] Wendi: I had no idea that I was unconsciously repeating every single scenario. That I regretted that I, the decisions that I’ve made. Constantly worried about my finances, constantly worried about. The things that I had done before, that things that I had not done before. I was constantly worried about my relationship or my marriage. I was constantly worried about my kids.
      • [00:12:33] Wendi: Constantly worried about in everything that I loved. And not to mention, then I would get worried again, overwhelmed for the future. Oh my gosh. When they get older. Oh, my gosh, when I get promoted. Oh, my gosh, when we relocate. Oh, my gosh. When I’m about the transition. All of these things. I mean, you name it. I was worried I was exhausted.
      • [00:12:54] Wendi: I was overwhelmed. I was indulging and soul much mind drama that I didn’t even know [00:13:00] about. Until I went to therapy. Until I got coaching. And even most importantly, until I started getting closer with God. When I started reading the Bible, when I started reading the truth, when I started praying and really understanding on what it meant on, why is this a hard pre.
      • [00:13:21] Wendi: Because you have to unload. You have to actually speak what’s in your mind, what’s on your mind, what you want God to help you with. What you want help with? And that’s hard. And so again, don’t get me wrong. Go out there and go to the spa. Go, you know, work out a little bit here and there. Go shopping to help with your mental health. Go for a walk by all means. Let’s all do that. Let’s go for a walk.
      • [00:13:45] Wendi: But what really is going to. Do the work is you doing the work where. Is pretty much not desired. You go in. And really understanding what you’re thinking. Why are you worried about your [00:14:00] finances? Why are you worried about your kids? Why are you worried about your marriage? What is it that you’re worried about? What are you anxious about?
      • [00:14:08] Wendi: And that’s what, that’s the work that you want to do? And there are different ways that you can do it. You could do it by yourself. Which I highly recommend that you start there. I know a lot of people are like, you know, you shouldn’t be, you know, dealing with your problems alone, but here’s the truth.
      • [00:14:22] Wendi: You need some time alone. You really do. You need some time alone. I’m not saying isolate yourself. What I am saying is to spend a couple minutes alone. That goes five minutes. I told that I recommended earlier. Takes a couple of minutes alone. You can write it down or he can. Just talk it out loud.
      • [00:14:42] Wendi: And begin with the prayer begin with talking to God about it. This is what’s going on. This is what I’m thinking about. This is what’s worrying me and I keeping me up at night. I’m worried about this training of it. I’m worried about this deployment. I’m worried because my husband’s going to leave on a X amount of deployment. [00:15:00]
      • [00:15:00] Wendi: Time. I’m worried because of my finances. I’m worried because of my kids are growing up. I’m worried because of my health. I’ve been diagnosed with whatever it may be. You write down, say it out loud, pray about it. Whatever you need to do alone. Because here’s, what’s going to happen. 99% of the chance you’re gonna get emotional.
      • [00:15:23] Wendi: Because now you’re like actually thinking about it. You’re consciously, intentionally thinking about all the things that are coming up in your mind. So now you’re creating these emotions that are coming up because of what you’re thinking about that situation or about the circumstance. Because most of the time,
      • [00:15:40] Wendi: We’ll you’ll be thinking about. Our circumstances. But here’s the other part of that? Every circumstance that you think about comes along with at least 20 negative thoughts about it, or Nick. Uh, 20 thoughts that are creating negative feelings, emotions about it. And so what then happens [00:16:00] when you’re feeling negative emotions for the most part?
      • [00:16:03] Wendi: You will then. Not do. Anything. Or if you do something you’re going to be reactive. And you’re going to want to avoid certain things. Certain people maybe avoid your checking account, maybe avoid your debt. And you maybe be a reactive by yelling at people or yelling at people around you or. You know, snap in, or maybe you’re over there drinking.
      • [00:16:31] Wendi: Or you’re Netflixing whatever it may be. Right. It’s in a way where you’re like, Nope, I’m not dealing with it. I’m avoiding it. And I’m just going to pretend it’s not there. And so when you’re in all of that negative emotion, And then you realize that, Hey. This is what I’m constantly doing when I’m in a negative emotion.
      • [00:16:51] Wendi: Then you can say, okay. Where do I need help? Right. So again, you start off with your self awareness. You start off with, talk to yourself [00:17:00] about it, or even through prayer. And then when you can somewhat identify that you need either. Therapy you need counseling or possibly even coach it, right? It could be one of those three things.
      • [00:17:13] Wendi: And then you will be thinking, okay, when you will, what’s really the difference. Like what exactly. Or how is therapy and counseling different? Coaching and here’s how they’re different. The way I like to think about counseling. Is more so getting feedback. On a specific issue. And it’s typically short term, right? Like you’re not, um, looking to.
      • [00:17:38] Wendi: Um, get counseled for six months. It’s typically, you know, maybe. Three to four sessions. Um, and it all depends, right. Depending if you’re going to a mirror. Marital counselor, or maybe even to, um, a Christian counselor, right. It’s going to provide you with some mentorship and provide you with some, some guidance or some wisdom.
      • [00:17:57] Wendi: And they’re going to give you, um, [00:18:00] That guidance based on that specific. Um, issue, right? So let’s just say you need some marital counseling and you want to get it from your church. They’re going to literally talk to you about that specific scenario, this specific situation, what they did, what they recommend.
      • [00:18:14] Wendi: Um, because again, they don’t have to have also to, um, a certification or a license or anything of that sort. And so that’s what counseling would be. When it comes to therapy. Therapy, you are focused more one on the long-term. But also, um, and I don’t say long-term, but it’s a longer period of time that you’re getting treatment and you’re going, and you’re pretty much evaluating most of your past.
      • [00:18:42] Wendi: Um, circumstances. Um, you know, possibly things that you never, um, or ever, you know, dealt with. Um, also helps you with learning how to cope with certain things. Like, for example, grief. That’s one of the things that I took count in that counseling therapy on, um, grief therapy, because. I know I [00:19:00] needed to go all the way back to, um, my, my first loss. And that’s something that I also talk about or have talked about.
      • [00:19:09] Wendi: And another podcast that I’ll be sharing next week here on this podcast, we’ll stay tuned to that with my miscarriage. Um, so again, I needed that and that’s something that I definitely knew I needed. Um, when I lost one little sister. So again, therapy is pretty much going back to the Paris and really focusing on something like grief.
      • [00:19:31] Wendi: Um, you can also get, um, just emotional therapy and just kind of going back to how you’re expressing your emotions and you know how you’ve done that in the past and maybe, you know, what’s triggering you so that’s therapy and then coaching. Coaching is more so. Um, that only goals oriented and focused, but also, um, focused in the future. So helping you get to where you want to go.
      • [00:19:57] Wendi: Um, based on where you’re at now. So we’re pretty [00:20:00] much filling in the gap. When it comes to coaching and also understanding how your mind is working. And why you are doing the things that you are doing. So the coaching model, right? Like what are you thinking about this situation? How are you feeling? And when you’re feeling this way, what are you doing or not doing? And this is what’s creating a result. So identifying and providing you the self awareness that you probably don’t have.
      • [00:20:22] Wendi: Um, because someone else’s pretty much your coach letting you know that, Hey, this is why you’re doing it. This is why you’re not doing it. And this is how we’re going to bridge that gap because it’s important for you to meet X, Y, Z goal, right in the future. And so those are the three. Ways that I highly recommend that you start.
      • [00:20:42] Wendi: Um, really investing your time when it comes to working out your mental health. I mean, working out your mind and investing in your mental health. So investing in your mental health means you taking the time to understand what’s going on in your mind, you taking the time to understand why you’re [00:21:00] feeling this way, that you’re feeling.
      • [00:21:01] Wendi: And really understanding too, that it’s completely okay. You’re a human, we are humans with emotions. We have emotions that are completely positive, and then we have emotions that are completely negative. We have emotions that are going to try for actions or inactions. And so in order for us to really understand like, oh, why am I, so why am I stuck? Why am I overwhelmed all the time? You want to be able to understand.
      • [00:21:27] Wendi: Y in how you’re doing this unconsciously or even consciously. Right. And so for me as a coach, it, especially when it comes to investing in your time. Right. And really understanding how you’re managing your time. It’s like a finance coach, right? They will tell you. Okay, listen, you’ve spent 90% of your, your money on food.
      • [00:21:46] Wendi: Or you spent 90% of your money on gambling, whatever it may mean. Here’s how you can now. Here’s a tool or here’s a way of you, um, putting money aside or, you know, saying no to certain things, because now [00:22:00] you don’t want to spend that much money on that one item that you’re currently overspending on. Right? And so again, a coach is going to guide you and give you the steps, at least help you with identifying the steps that you could be taking instead of the steps that you’re currently taking.
      • [00:22:16] Wendi: So Goldman from how you’re doing it now to how you can do it in an whole nother way. To help you get to your goal. And so that’s what I’m offering you today for you to really identify, you know, how often do I need to go to the gym? Right? Like when you need to, or you want to lose 20 pounds, like what foods do I need to try, or what foods do I need to now, um, remove or avoid from my diet. And it’s the exact same thing.
      • [00:22:42] Wendi: When it comes to our mental health, what thoughts do I really need to disengage that I don’t need to think about anymore? In a way where it’s not serving me. And that’s exactly what I want to offer you and for you to do and start implementing every single day. So just as how you wake [00:23:00] up, or you go to the gym during the day,
      • [00:23:02] Wendi: I want you to set some time apart, starting today, to invest in your mental health, spend some time, invest some time in your mental health, and you might have to invest some money to, for the most part, right? Therapy is included with your trike here. Counseling is included. Coaching me not, but that’s okay because I’m pretty sure everything else that you’re spending your money on, like the gym or any other leisure that you think it’s helping your mental health, but it really isn’t. I’m pretty sure you’re paying for it.
      • [00:23:28] Wendi: And here’s the thing. Here’s the beautiful thing. You will not only see the return on investment from you actually, you know, hiring a coach or going to therapy or going to counseling. But other people are around you or notice it. Other people around, you will say, Hey, you know, you’re not yelling at me anymore, or, Hey, you’re not going off anymore. Or Hey, you know, I see that you’re actually taking some time to read the Bible.
      • [00:23:52] Wendi: You’re actually praying for us, whatever it may be. Right. And so that’s what I want to offer you today to really take in consideration, you know, how are [00:24:00] you investing your time and your mental health? And if you’re not, then this episode is definitely for you. And I want you to really take this seriously because when I tell you that not only our mental health, um, in our emotional health is affecting our.
      • [00:24:15] Wendi: I wear day to day activities, but in the long run, it will continue to affect you. And here’s the thing. This is what I always tell my clients. Listen, some of you are mad and upset and regretful the decisions that you’ve made because you last time. You lost money, but the one thing that I recommend that you not continue to, um, that you continue to lose or lacking is your health.
      • [00:24:41] Wendi: Because at the end of the day, if you don’t invest in your mental health, if you are not constantly. Um, investing time on how you can improve it or how you can just continue to, um, set the time apart. Your overall health is going to be affected by it. Why because you’re constantly stressing. You’re constantly overwhelmed. [00:25:00] You constantly feel like you can’t sleep because you’re worried. You’re constantly thinking about the same thing over and over.
      • [00:25:06] Wendi: And so it’s going to affect you one way or another. And so I highly recommend that you begin now and I want to encourage you that listen. Like I said earlier, it’s going to be hard. I’m not going to sit here and lie to you until it’s going to be easy and it’s going to be fun. I told my clients, we’re going to have fun 50% of the time.
      • [00:25:22] Wendi: We’re not going to have fun the whole time. We’re not going to be happy the rest of our lives because you hired me. And now you’re all of a sudden. Everything is green on the other side. Absolutely not. We are here for. Um, you know, what really matters and that’s what you are going through in this moment and how we’re going to get you to the goal that you pretty much are looking for.
      • [00:25:44] Wendi: But here’s the thing it’s going to suck 50% of the time, because we’re going to talk about the things that you probably didn’t want to talk about and what you’re doing. What’s causing XYZ. But most importantly, we’re going to be moving [00:26:00] forward. We’re going to be able to see that, Hey, there’s potential here.
      • [00:26:05] Wendi: And not only that, but you are. Able to take care of many things. When you can organize your mind and your life. I promise you. It’s not that difficult, but it will be hard. Which again? Like I said earlier, it’s something that you’re possibly going to be sore of. Like, if we’re going back to the gym analogy,
      • [00:26:25] Wendi: You’re going to be a little sore after the first session and be like, okay, great. You know, and this really sucks, you know, I’m rolling. You know, I’m in my feelings, but Hey, That’s exactly how we know it’s working. That’s exactly how we know that you are moving in the right direction because. You are uncovering one, all of these thoughts and emotions that you’re probably suppressing that you’re probably trying to avoid that you’re probably trying to continue.
      • [00:26:50] Wendi: Two. Just keep away and not let everybody know when our bodies and us are human nature. We just need to allow it. We [00:27:00] just need to be able to know how to respond to certain situations, even when. You know, we lose people even when it’s hard. And I’m speaking again from, you know, from what I’m going through currently, it’s hard. I’m not going to sit here and tell you that, you know, everything’s going great.
      • [00:27:17] Wendi: But I’m feeling blessed. That’s providing, he’s leading me into his truth. He’s leading me into disciplining my mind to focus on not only what’s on. What’s true. And that’s Philippians chapter four, verse six through nine. I know that there’s hope. And I know that there’s hope for you too, regardless of where you are in your life, regardless of how much in debt you think you are, regardless of your marriage or marital status.
      • [00:27:41] Wendi: Of your career of whatever it may be. You know, causing this overwhelm, maybe you as a mother, you as a wife. Listen ladies, we have so much going on and I promise you it can only get better. Because. What you do now is definitely going to affect you in the future. [00:28:00] And here’s the thing. This is what I want to offer you to today.
      • [00:28:03] Wendi: Take a moment and to really, you know, just identify. What is it that you think is causing all of the overwhelm or, um, disappointment or discouragement? Just take a couple of minutes. No more than five. And when you identify that really ask yourself, is this something that I want to continue to feel continue to have and, you know, stay constantly thinking about if the answer is no.
      • [00:28:29] Wendi: Then there are three different ways that you can start taking care of your mental health other than, you know, going to the spa and going for a walk and, you know, just going to the gym because sometimes we can use that as an escape or go and get her nails done or whatever it may be. I want you to consider either counseling therapy or coaching.
      • [00:28:48] Wendi: And I’m also going to put some more resources here on, on the show notes. But seriously, this is something that you want to start investing your time in. And if listen, coaching is one of them. And if you’re like, Hey, I [00:29:00] really need coaching. And I feel stuck. I feel like I don’t know how to manage my time or I have time, but I just don’t know what to do with it. And I tend to do different things instead of the things that I planned on doing, or the things that I want to do to help me get closer to my goal. Then I want to invite you to schedule a free call with me because when you do, you will not only uncover and become aware of what you really need help with.
      • [00:29:24] Wendi: But we also are going to make a plan to help you bridge that gap. And see how we can work together because what’s most important is for you to start and really begin to understand where you want to focus on. And like I said earlier, when you start getting coaching, when you start doing, you know, focusing on one thing, it’s going to affect and impact other areas of your life.
      • [00:29:45] Wendi: It could even be, you know, how you are as a wife, how you are as a mother, because now you’re emotionally aware. Of how you’re feeling. You are more aware of, you know, how you can not only think about things differently. But [00:30:00] also get to do the things that you want to do that you’ve planned without having to worry of, you know, the, the next thing, because that’s, what’s constantly happening too in our minds. We’re like, what’s next?
      • [00:30:11] Wendi: What didn’t I do? Or what am I behind on? And so again, a coach, especially if you are ready to make progress, then I highly recommend that you schedule a call with me and I promise you, you are going to get so much out of it in those 30 minutes. All you have to do is go to the show notes and you’ll see the link at the bottom where it says schedule free consult. Or you could go to www.wendiwray.com/consult again, it’s www.wendiwray.com/consult all right, ladies. I hope that this episode blessed you and that you continue to implement this every single day. Not only today. And also share this information with others, even if it means to sharing this episode with somebody that you may be thinking or me see that they are [00:31:00] struggling, or they’re overwhelmed, please share this podcast with another military woman, share this podcast with military spouse, share this podcast, share this episode with someone that may be needing to hear this.
      • [00:31:11] Wendi: All right, have a beautiful rest of your week. Bye.

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