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Episode 147: How to stay committed on the goal you set for yourself no matter what…

January 4, 2023

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Hey lady, 

Happy New Year! Ready. Set. Goals. 

In today’s episode, I discuss how you can stay committed to the goal you set for yourself in 2023.    

I hope this episode encourages you to stay focused on your desires for this year!  

Much love,


[00:00:56] Hello lady. And a welcome to episode [00:01:00] 147 happy new year. I am so excited to be behind the microphone in 2023. I am just so ready to share a so many topics with you this year. I’ve already done my entire, a thought download on all the topics and. Really points that i want to discuss with you at least for q1 and i’m just really excited and i hope that you are as well especially for this episode Today i’m going to be talking on how you can stay committed on your goal that you set for yourself No matter what And before i do that i want to share an update on my life what’s going on over here with the re family and how we’re doing And so as you guys may know And if you’ve been following me from the very beginning you know that last year was a very very tough year for me not only mentally emotionally but also physically um but i’m grateful i’m really grateful god is good Um, You know There are challenges that we go through their struggles That we are that we could [00:02:00] possibly go through but no matter what god is always providing and he’s always there and for that i’m grateful and thankful And i just want to share with you that yes i am so going through the grieving process I lost my little sister last year in august Um, Through cancer leukemia more specifically And you know it was really hard Um again it was The hardest thing That i’m still navigating and One of the things that i have really Considered and thought about is everything that i’ve been Not only teaching my clients on how to allow emotions but also how i’ve Allowed the negative emotions especially Through these moments in these days and months and weeks that. I’ve felt as if there’s just this hole [00:03:00] that i can’t seem to really get out of and so I just want to share that You know it’s it’s an ongoing thing And yes there’s no timeline and yes there’s different ways To cope and deal with grief but i also want to encourage you that if you are going through loss It could either you know, be able to love to honor even through relationship right You may be going through a divorce you may be Um, going through this you know um moving on or just transition from any relationship right and so I just want to offer that at the end of the day There’s nothing that you can do To get you out of it unless it’s you just allowing and filling that negative emotion in it’s something that i constantly I have to force myself to do because i most of the time want to escape it I’m like i don’t want to think about it I don’t want To go down that whole rabbit hole and i just don’t wanna be crying all day and [00:04:00] so i’m learning to be okay with just breaking down Anywhere i could be in the car it could be in the bathroom he could be just on the couch while i’m holding my Baby and something comes up and i just allow myself To just cry about it when i’m on the phone with my mom when i’m on the phone with my dad It’s something that i’m Constantly reminding myself that it’s okay. Not to be okay And so I just want to say that we’re doing well we are Um, pushing through it every single day it’s different every day we have good we have bad we have in the middle of, in between We were just Going with the flow here and religious staying grounded In the word crowded in, in, you know knowing that The holy spirit is with us and no matter what i can always go to got it. No it doesn’t matter what time And so I just want to encourage everyone Two Stay close Not only in the [00:05:00] word meditate On his word but also close to him And so And With that of course we also have the joy Joy of Our baby girl and And Jamie murray is now two months old and she’s just The most loving and happy baby that we know Because she’s just just just a joy i don’t even know how to explain and describe the feeling Um but i will say that I’m adapting to everything how i’m adapting to her i’m adapting to my new routine i’m a deputy to The sleep. Rhythm I’m Sleep schedule I’m adapting to not being. being able to just get up and go to the grocery. grocery store like i used to or go anywhere that i wanted it without Having to get the baby diaper ready get her ready make sure that everything. Um get sick and care of that needs to be taken care of before we head out And so it’s just been [00:06:00] you know like really great things That been happening Along with the grieving process so I just wanted to update you guys on that and Really just share how grateful i am for those of you that have reached out to me either through social media Throw a dm throwaway. Did we text message um some of my past clients. clients have reached out And just say how you. you know grateful they are to. Not only um Have me talk about What’s going on now but also you know things that they’ve learned and And So that’s really what Is has helped me encourage um I’m Myself With you know coming up with new episodes and coming up with what calls have for this year Because i’m not going to lie it’s been hard man. it’s kind of like where do i start Like where do i continue because I stopped you know doing my weekly emails i stopped Um, recording new episodes i’ve stopped um you know doing the things that i used to do before the baby before the grieving process and so i just am [00:07:00] so grateful and blessed to have You. Old coworkers um Current Workers family The Friends people that i haven’t talked to in years I have reached out and just say. say that They are With me that they’re supporting. supporting me and they’re showing me so much And so for that i’m grateful and i’m blessed And so i wanted to talk today about one of the goals that i had for last year and how it’s all going to continue To go into To This year as well It’s a 2023. And so the reason I wanted to record this podcast episode is not only to also Share you know obviously you know How you want to stay committed with your goal but also to share with you all The amazing things that this podcast has. Brought And. And so as you guys remember i if you’ve been following me i started with this podcast Cast as a veteran skeptic And the reason i did that is because I. i was really tiptoeing around The fact that [00:08:00] i wanted Show up as this Woman of faith A christian woman and i was very Indecisive in. Doing that because in my mind i thought that i wasn’t going to get the same level of attention Or. Or people Actually tuning In and getting the valuable Information that i had But then after prayer And after you know getting a coach a christian coach and i was like hey If you are If you haven’t seen a heart and you’ve. you’ve prayed about it and you wrote Ready to to really share with the world What where you are in your faith and how you can help them You need to do this and so We did that in september of 2021. Launched beyond the military podcast. and here we are And so the beginning of 2022, i was like okay i need to go all in no matter what and stay committed to This platform this is the only platform i want to use To not only provide a value But also So to be [00:09:00] able to share What i know Either through my past clients or through myself my own personal Experience And so I’m like how do i do that i need to set A goal that i think is not I’m going to be as achievable as i think right so i said 10,000 downloads is what i need By 2022. And so in my mind i’m thinking oh i’m definitely gonna meet it or a part of me was like i don’t know if i’m going to meet it i make Go down to 5,000 downloads And a little part of me was like no we’re going to surpass it 10,000. And this was like at the very beginning of 2022. And so then Then everything in My life starts to Pretty much change Right things that i never thought Never in my mind. never I Never even considered happening. What’s happening So one it was my husband i started talking about having Another baby We’re like what Why are we [00:10:00] doing this we’re not thirties now we have two kids a boy and a girl they’re 10 and eight Why are we doing this And then you know My mom reaches out to me and she tells me that my little sister has been diagnosed with leukemia and i’m like what, what is happening here? And so there were other things that i had planned Goals that I’ve set for myself For that year and one of them one of Was. Launching a program For group coaching for military women. And the other thing Was for me to call him my coaching And so So for A minute i was like okay I think i can do this this was like around february Had just gotten the news Um that I was diagnosed i didn’t know that i was expecting yet So then i’m like okay maybe I can do this i just you know I have to. to stay hopeful Say positive Continue. Continue. to pray continue to do what I’m doing and not I don’t allow myself to get distracted [00:11:00] Well I’m sorry short March Comes along the way in the beginning No March. And i find out that i’m pregnant and i’m like okay Now i really have to be honest With myself Am i really going to commit to this program and am i really going to commit Get to Kona Lynn and my coaching And at first I was like i can do this I knew i could do this And then i really Really Had to humble myself and really asked myself Are you really Going to do this Without Using time with your Family without jeopardizing The intention Intentionality behind everything Anything else that i had to I Get done right as as as As A wife as a mom As a fund as. The daughter as a sister And The answer was no So. so i immediately had. To refocus and ask myself What is it that i’m going to commit And that one thing was a podcast I’m like i have to continue And i want. want to continue To provide this value. Value To everyone That may be Going through something [00:12:00] At the same time i had clients that i already had Coaching from 2021, all the With the 2022. And so i Really had to decide on What was important And so for me It was staying focused. focused to this 10,000. Um T. 10,000 downloads For my podcast And so In order for me to stay Committed i really asked. I asked myself Is this going to make. make a difference And. And The answer Yes Am i making a difference Once through podcasting And the answer is yes How. How did i know that because my numbers were increased. Increasing It went From like 2,004,000. I was in like A couple of months And So because I. i was looking at. at this data i was looking at these numbers Numbers I was like okay How. How do i continue to show up Because you I have to keep in mind here I’m already working [00:13:00] My nine to five i’m already Dedicating time to my husband and to my kids And Again Coaching On the side for that and And volunteering And all these other things That already had going on That i was like okay How do i continue To do this how Do i continue especially In august ’cause. Then i had i was doing two podcasts I guess episodes a week I’m Like how do i continue Two Say committed And not Drop this Into the back-burner because this is our only. The only thing i have committed to this year And that was Is that platform Podcasting Testing. How do i continue To share what i know what i’ve learned Do this platform And it was Through. Through understanding That i was making The difference at this was the Platform On how people not only um finding coaching. But also how They’re improving [00:14:00] To be more intentional with their time. time With the people that they love. With They’re feature right like how they. they start planning For after the military And so with that in mind I was Like okay this It’s something that i know I Can do Because. Because i am one 100% in i’m always Excited I’m ready to record a podcast episode Episode But then Everything else happened right Right my little sister passed away And Then i’m like well, cam. And what they have baby. I can’t really Record episodes Anymore i can barely breathe Without Having to take a you. you know, Huge Pauls. Paul’s before my next breath I have no energy Hi. All i want to do is sleep So So, How do i continue to do this The answer was Very simple I mean the yeah the answer the response that i had was Very simple and it was through this question Do i want to continue To make a difference in this world [00:15:00] And the answer was yes And so i know at first I was like okay When Uh, You’re not really making a huge. huge difference only. only. The people that are listening To the podcast But then it. it really became real to me because again, again these numbers kept growing and Growing in different countries are listening I mean countries that i never never thought I never thought would have listened to my podcast Podcast And so then i’m like okay how do i do this how do i stay committed When Aye. Don’t I Have the energy i’m not as excited. excited. anymore I have so many things going In my mind So many things that have to worry Before the baby gets here or even when the Baby gets here And so for. for me it was just At Staying focused On making A difference Making a difference through My unique talent that i have Through the influence That i have the gift that god has Given me exportation I love doing this And Also Really just Understood. [00:16:00] that Everything I had in that moment that that small amount of strength That you know small amount of. of learning that i have in my mind That i can tools that i can share with you Is by also being thankful To god that it has been provided To me by him Understanding and trusting that He has given me this opportunity To do this through this platform And so that’s what i want to ask you you know Is the call that you have Have that you. you want to commit to something? something that you know That you. you need to be doing right let’s just Say it’s losing weight let’s just say that it wasn’t a weight It doesn’t I didn’t necessarily have to be about you but it could be about others right how are you going to be healthier or go on this healthier journey Because It’s not about you for the most part but about others right Are [00:17:00] you a mom do you want to do it because you want to be a better mom for this for your kids In this moment Are you a wife too? you want to be healthier So that you can be B and show up For your husband In a way that you know You want to write and i’m just talking about losing weight here because Losing weight is like the number one thing that people do at the very beginning of the year as. as the resolution their goals i want to lose 30 pounds And listen i’m speaking on my behalf years old because you best believe i am that is one of the things on my goals for this year Yes After the baby the baby what needs to come off And so what is it right so it’s no longer about me i’m all in because i want to be as productive i want to show up as that mother A healthy Healthy mom I want to be able to continue to run around with my kids right like i want to be that parent And so how am i going to make a difference with that [00:18:00] by being more intentional with my kids Bye Actually choosing out. Meals that are healthier For everyone right Doing things staying active Being More intentional with My family with myself And it could be as simple as that like why is it that you want to go all in on this school And so To kind of Go back to the Podcast downloads On the goal right the At 10,000. 10,000 downloads For my podcast I pulled The numbers on december 31st, which by the way I pulled the numbers Um when I if you know me i go to sleep at like 8:00 pm before the baby i’m like in bed by no later than eight and i’m like asleep but like no later than eight 30. But now with the baby Um there really isn’t A set time for me to go to bed besides me still being in bed by eight [00:19:00] But sometimes it would have been at 10 because she’s. Still not completely down Or she’ll go to sleep For like 30 minutes and then wake up again at 11. And so Um for new year’s eve i went to sleep early I think we went to sleep at like nine. nine ish And so when i woke up to Feed her less. And i’m like okay let me pull the numbers because now it. it was one January. january So. so It was still like i think 2:00 am In For um, january 1st. But as of December 31st. We had nine 9,100. In 94 downloads So Now what does this mean it means that no I did not meet my goal That’s that’s what it means right Looking at numbers stint facts i did I mean my 10 k download Cool For 2022. But here’s what it also means it means that we made Tremendous progress over 5,000 downloads in less than a year And to me that was everything because I [00:20:00] reached more than 5,000 people downloads In a very short period of time So now again What does that mean? I’m making The difference before listening to this podcast Yes they are tuning in each. each and every single time Time There’s a new podcast episode And so now what does that mean with or what does that mean with when it comes to the consistency and the progress and everything right It means that no matter. matter what happened yes i was discouraged yes i even you know I Felt As if i wasn’t excited anymore to record these episodes But what it really means This is something that i committed Too. And i went All in no matter what Even if i didn’t meet my goal And This is really just making an impact Outside Of me outside of myself Outside of what i even started with Like intention Intentionally So. So meaning that therapy. There are People in [00:21:00] different countries that are learning About Things that they could be doing. After the military How to manage your mind And How to manage their emotions And so with that When it was Cause right before the Holidays i was like okay i can’t do this anymore like i’ve Already Record. Recorded and An hour. i don’t want to record anymore I’m like i just I Need some time If i would. would have, If i wasn’t As committed as. as i want it to be or. or does i intend it to be I one have thought And it’s like Okay Maybe i could put out Most valuable podcast. Past episodes Valuable episodes that people keep Listening on repeat These are episodes ahead Ahead hundreds of downloads Roads because Of how. how many or how. how many times people have I Downloaded it So i immediately I went into okay what can i do to continue To share valuable Information Without me [00:22:00] Recording and. Episode And it was To repurpose those episodes and that’s what I did i came up with Most valuable podcast Episodes which by the way Um one of my coaches she does She. she did this with her podcasts I think A year ago And so that’s. that’s where i kind of like Got that idea from But it was more so Of Okay it’s Coming to the end of the year how do i Continue to share The episodes that are valued. Valuable that people have found valuable I’m like okay I remembered that My previous coach. coach had done that before so i’m like okay I can do this too And so it’s been amazing because those podcast episodes have also Shown tremendous amount of love One of the episodes i believe it was self-doubt again It was like seven 700 episodes within In that first weekend was out It was crazy And. And again it just shows That no matter what It is that you [00:23:00] are Committing to and Do you find different ways No matter What way it is if it’s a way that you’re like okay i’m going to make it work it’s going To work people are going to find. find it you need to have the willingness to make it work right if you’re like oh my gosh I. i want to lose weight but i don’t have time to Um come up with meals And what’s healthy and. The Carbs and everything else right or i don’t have time to go to the gym and so on and so forth you don’t need the gym you don’t need a You know specific um meal plan In place. place all you can really do is take out sugar and flour If you know bread doesn’t help your body Take it out of your money Take it out of your diet If you know That doing a hundred burpees is going To help you It’s going to help you not only stay in shape then do it. you don’t need the gym right So again whatever that goal may be If your goal for this year is to transition out of the military How do you say committed Without giving [00:24:00] in That oh i want to stay in because of this insecurity or this fear. You want to ask yourself How is this transition going to make a difference when i do transition And It could be by Having your family stable It could be by Now i’m going to Sleep better My Health is going to improve Whatever it is for you whatever. whatever the reason may be In order for you to stay committed on The goal that you set for yourself no matter what You be an all-in is a really asking yourself How is this going to make a difference Whatever the response is. Staying focused on that And of course praying about everything. Every single challenge and obstacle that may be coming up Because there will always be challenges or what. Always be obstacles And guess what We’re not alone We have the holy [00:25:00] spirit we have gotten especially If you are In the journey Of partnering With god You Have The God given gifts Strengths character. Characteristics learnings Influence there makes you who And that’s why you have chosen Rosen to school And that’s why you will continue I say, committed In this is how How You You Continues to committed And i will continue to stay committed to this podcast no matter what Which by the way if i haven’t said this Already i’ve Already have a whole Page on I might click up I’m a word document Of topics that we’ll be talking within the first quarter On this podcast and. and i cannot wait to I Share with you all more On what’s coming But for now I’m going to continue to keep my head down Because i know the $10,000, 10,000 downloads are coming And to be [00:26:00] even more Or Go further down This line of goals My goal for this year It Is 25. k I. i want to be at 25,000. Downloads by the end of this year And again It may not happen right But guess i’m going to continue to keep going i’m not going to let the timeline Dictate if i will meet my goal or not It’s going to come i’m going to continue to stay here behind this mic i’m committed i’m all in to continue to share with you the tools the resources And much more That’s coming Because this is what i know god wants for me to do because it’s something that i’ve had You know someone told me before that i was going to be a host of radio show When I was a little and i was like really because that’s actually something that i want to do And keep in mind i was like maybe 10, 11 years old And now here i am as an And I’m like oh my gosh i remember when When This one guy told me That i could B i sounded like someone as [00:27:00] The radio host And then I’ll hear him. right and i just I Love sharing Different Things for free Like It’s just. just for you I. want to be able to do this Every single day Even when podcasting Casting is updated I’m going to be the only one podcasting But serious. Seriously In order For you to stay committed On the goal that You have set for yourself no matter what it begins with asking Yourself Do i want to continue to Make a difference Do i want to make a difference Is this going to Help me make a difference Not only for you But for others around. around you You want to take a moment Take. take a step back. back And if. if the answer is yes and And you know How You’re going to do. do it i promise This is going to keep you encouraged Every single moment No matter what even when you don’t Feel like doing it You’re going to find other ways other means To get this done [00:28:00] All right, ladies that’s all that I have for you I hope. I hope and pray that this episode blessed. and That you continue to stay focused Especially because it’s the beginning of the New year All right. right i’ll talk to you soon Have a great rest of your week Bye.