Episode 137: MVP: Self-doubt slowing you down? 5 things to do when you’re in self-doubt

October 26, 2022

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Hey lady, 

Are you allowing self-doubt (a negative feeling) to slow you down or better yet, possibly holding you hostage?

I know I have!

But here’s the good news. I believe that when we decide to grow and evolve we are always going to have self-doubt as a companion. It’s part of the process.

Many women choose to stay comfortably right where they are, but if you’re NOT and you’re willing to feel uncomfortable, then you have to listen to today’s episode to learn the 5 things to do while you’re in self-doubt!

Much love,


[00:00:00] Hello ladies. And welcome to episode 137. I’m so happy that you’re here. And if you’re new to this podcast, I want to welcome you. And if you’ve been tuning in with me listening in now, welcome again. And I want to start off by saying that to the few episodes in that. And upcoming weeks will be the most valuable podcast episodes that you’ll be listening to the top downloaded the ones that have been listened to more than once by a single person. And so I wanted to share that while I

[00:00:36] Um, going into this whole maternity leave. Because if you’ve been following me, you’ve been tuning in, you know, that I’m expecting, and I wanted it to pre-record these before have them in the queue so that when I do go into labor, it’s so much easier for everyone. But most importantly, For everyone to take advantage of what has been consumed and what is being listened [00:01:00] to the most so that you can continue to not only maybe listen to it again, but really get the most out of it because that’s really my intention. That’s my goal for this podcast is for me to continue to share and spread the word.

[00:01:11] Not only the word of God, but also. How to continue to grow in our faith. And doing it from a place of love and doing it from a place of peace, instead of trying to keep up with this hustle mentality that the culture and society has ingrained in us, especially in our military community. So if you’re new here and it’s going to be a little different, I, you will be listening to.

[00:01:33] Episodes that have been recorded. Since this podcast has begun since last year. Uh, I in February, 2021. So I’m so happy that you’re here and I really hope and truly hope that this blesses you, regardless of where you are in your life and. If you want to share it with a friend to share with another military sister, please, I encourage you that you do. This is why I do this every day.

[00:01:57] Um, and if you haven’t left me a review, that would truly [00:02:00] mean a lot to me, especially during the season of my life, um, where there has been a lot of pain, a lot of, um, sadness, but also at the same time, a lot of happiness and a lot to look forward to so without further ado, the next couple of weeks,

[00:02:15] Tuning into the most valuable podcast episodes, and I hope you enjoy them.